Google My Business Expedited Verification - markscheets.comOne of the biggest issues that those in local seo face is waiting for the verification post card and code to get a Google My Business listing verified.  With Google’s expedited verification this is not necessary

I have been working with one client for a while now, and my team and I were having a hard time getting the postcard out and getting the code back.

I made multiple calls to the Google My Business support team and even went as far as reaching out to the Google My Business twitter account (@googlemybiz), to no avail.

After reading about the Google My Business expedited verification process, earlier this week,  I decided to give that a shot to finally get this listing verified. This was by far the easiest thing I have done with any Google My Business account.

The process was extremely simple, and took a matter of seconds to complete.  All that was needed was the Company name, company owner’s name, email associated with the listing, and city the business is located in.

Google made a note that they will manually review and verify the business submitted within five business days.  This is much better than having to wait a few weeks to get a postcard sent out and to get the code.

Due to the length that Google suggested, I did not anticipate any immediate change, but to my surprise, the listing was verified within 24 hours!

I wish Google would keep the expedited verification around because it would make life much easier when it comes to getting a Google My Business listing claimed and verified.  The team I work alongside took full advantage of this by submitting a good chunk of the unverified listings we manage to Google via the expedited verification, and most saw similar results.

Google originally stated that this expedited verification feature would be live from 12/12/2016 until 12/15/2016, 11:59 PM PT, and is only available to with businesses with 1 location within the United States and Canada.

Here is a screenshot I took of what the expedited verification was, I’m kicking myself for not getting the entire form.